Unveiling Earth's Hidden Ocean

Unveiling Earth’s Hidden Ocean

Our home planet Earth continues to unveil its mysteries, revealing layers of secrets hidden beneath its surface. In a groundbreaking discovery challenging our understanding of Earth’s geology and water cycle, researchers from Northwestern University have unearthed a vast reservoir of water concealed deep within the planet’s interior. Nestled approximately 700 kilometers (435 miles) below Earth’s…

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noise pollution

Noise Pollution: Our Responsibility for a Quieter Environment

Noise pollution is the presence of excessive or unwanted sound that disrupts the environment and negatively impacts human health and well-being. It arises from various sources, including transportation, industrial activities, construction, and recreational activities. Prolonged exposure to high noise levels can lead to physical and psychological issues such as stress, hearing loss, sleep disturbances, impaired…

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Red Planet Day

Earth dwellers have been fascinated by our next door neighboring planet for many generations. And the NASA space program has been seeking to explore and learn more about it for many decades. This so-called red planet appears in the sky as a slightly red color due to its rusty iron on the surface. Red Planet…

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