Dubai New Atlantis

The Extravagant Atlantis

In Dubai, there is no shortage of luxury hotels. Atlantis is set to open in 2023. The Royal Dubai will usher in the city of gold’s next generation of “ultra-luxury” hotel stays. We got an exclusive first look inside the soon-to-be-opened mega resort, which has 795 rooms, 17 restaurants, and views of the Arabian Sea…

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video games

Games to look forward to in 2023

2022 was a much calmer year for video games than anyone anticipated, despite a few blockbuster blockbusters and brilliant indies. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, creators had to contend with lockdowns, difficult working conditions, and other difficulties. As a result, some of the year’s most anticipated video games ended up being postponed and moved until…

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Lohri 2023


Lohri is the first festival of the New Year and a popular harvest festival celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm throughout Punjab, as well as parts of Haryana, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu, and Delhi. According to experts, the festival marks the start of the New Year, which falls on January 13 of each year and…

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Kite Festival in India

Kite Festival

Every year on the 14th of January, India celebrates the arrival of spring and the passage of the sun into the Makara Rashi (the Capricorn zodiac sign). Makar Sankranti is regarded as a major harvest festival in many Indian states. It is significant because it commemorates Goddess Sankranti’s victory over evil and the brutal Rakshasa…

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History of Golden Globe Awards

Golden Globe Award, any of the annual awards given by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) in recognition of outstanding achievement in motion pictures and television during the preceding year. The Golden Globes are regarded as second only to the Academy Awards (for the film) and the Emmy Awards (for television) in the entertainment industry,…

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