1000 Years Old Temples in India that Will Take you Back in Time

1000 Years Old Temples in India that Will Take you Back in Time

Temples in India are one of the most valuable assets. Mystical 1000 years old temples in India are a few of the factors for which India is famous for. Kaliasanatha temple built in the 8th century is said to be the oldest temple after Mundeshwari Devi temple in Bihar. Also, there are quite a number of 1000 year old temples in India that boast high spirituality.

1. Kailasa Temple, Aurangabad

The Kailasha or Kailashanatha temple is the largest monolithic rock-cut structure in the world located in cave 16 of Ellora Caves in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. Carved out of single basalt rock from Charanandri Hills, it is one of the exceptional temples of India owing to its massive size, amazing architecture and mind-boggling carvings. With its intricate designs on panels, monolithic pillars and statues of animals and deities, Kailasa Temple is an engineering marvel perfect for history and architecture lovers.

2. Adi Kumbeshwara Temple

Believed to have been constructed in the 7th century A.D by the Cholas, Adi Kumbeshwara Temple is one of the grandest and the oldest Shiva temple in the town. The temple has a magnificent architecture with the trademark style of the Cholas.

3. Shore Temples, Mahabalipuram

The Shore Temple is a complex of temples and shrines that overlooks the shore of the Bay of Bengal. It is located in Mahabalipuram, about 60 kilometres south of Chennai in Tamil Nadu, India. It is a structural temple, built with blocks of granite, dating from the 8th century AD

4. Dwarkadhish Temples, Dwarka

The town of Dwarka has its history dated back to the Kingdom of Dwaraka in Mahabharata. The five storied main shrine is grand and marvelous in itself constructed of limestone and sand. Who constructed it over the land reclaimed from the sea by Lord Krishna.

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