Food is something that we all enjoy. It is known to have therapeutic effects. One that is even better than retail therapy.

In India, there are a gamut of Indian delicacies and recipes. Each region, each state has a few traditional food items of their own. Each of these, is very dear to the natives. In fact, people pride over their cuisines and believe that it strengthens the bond with their roots.

Cuisines from the East

Assam, Bengal, Orissa, Bihar are a few major states from the eastern and northeastern zones of India. Their cuisines are very famous, including Bengal’s sweets, Assam’s fish, or Sikkim’s momos. Let us explore some of their traditional dishes.

1. Litti Chokha

A Bihari dish, litti chokha represents the earthiness and warmth of the state. It is a staple food of Bihar, Jharkhand, and even Eastern Uttar Pradesh. Very pocket-friendly, this traditional dish is also very healthy in terms of proteins and nutrients. Stuffed with a mix of Indian spices and herbs, litti is traditionally cooked over a slow flame. These are best served with chokha or mashed brinjals and potatoes, and a dollop of desi ghee

2. Thukpa

Thukpa is a northeastern delicacy and as famous as momos. Eaten across North East, Bhutan, and Tibet, Thukpa is a very simple, but tasty one-bowl meal. Cooked using noodles, vegetables, and meat, Thukpa is a comfort food for the people of northeast. You can devour a bowl full of thukpa across Assam, Nagaland, Manipur, Sikkim, Meghalaya, and all the other seven sister states.

3. Macher Jhol

The quintessential macher jhol is a Bengali delicacy that is world-famous. Those who enjoy Bengali cuisine, love to savor this dish. Amongst the famous cuisines of India, Macher Jhol has been the chartbuster for ages. The simple ingredients and complex flavors together make the dish everyone’s favorite. No wonder, it is a staple item in every Bengali and Odiya’s meal.

Food from the West

Across Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, or Goa one thing that is common amongst all is the love for snacks. The natives of western India like spicy food, but Gujaratis make their food a bit sweeter. Vada Pav, Dhokla, Khakra, Bhujia and hundreds of other snack items come from these western states, forming an incredible part of the cuisines of India. Check out the 3 that we have picked.

1. Vindaloo

It doesn’t matter if you are non-vegetarian or vegetarian, Vindaloo is a very versatile traditional dish from Goa. It is one of the spiciest dishes and has an intense savory flavor. Cooked with vinegar and dry red chilies, a Vindaloo can be made with potatoes, chicken, prawns, or pork.

Goa is a favorite party destination for tourists from world-over. People go there to enjoy food, beaches, and parties. Goan food is as famous as the place. The variety ranges from starters to mains and desserts.

2. Laal Maas

When in Rajasthan, eat the Laal Maas!

Laal Maas or the red meat curry is a feisty Rajasthani dish that is full of flavors and spices. A special variety of Rajasthani red chili – mathania – is used which renders the heat and color to the dish. In the erstwhile days, it was the most favorite dish of the Rajput warriors who enjoyed these strong, bold, and hot flavors.

3. Undhiyu

Undhiyu is a traditional Gujarati specialty. Every Gujarati household prepares this pot of mixed vegetables during winters to savor the richness and nutrition of each ingredient. Cooked over a slow flame, Undhiyu includes numerous vegetables, a long list of spices, and some coconut.

A specialty of Surat, you must eat Undhiyu on your trip to Gujarat.

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