72-year-old Bosnian man builds rotating house for wife.

A seventy-two year old self-taught Bosnian innovator has built a rotating house as a symbol of love for his wife. Vojin Kusic built this house near the city of Srbac in Bosnia and Herzegovina, so that his wife can witness more diversified views from their house, from passes-by one moment to a sunrise in the next.

The house has attracted the attention of people around the region, with many coming in to view the rotating house.

According to the 72-year-old, at the fastest speed, the house can make a full circle in 22 seconds, while it takes a full 24 hours for the building to complete a rotation at its slowest speed.

Kusic said that he got tired of his wife’s “frequent refurbishing of our family house” and her complaints on the topic, and promised to build a her rotating house so she could get a variety of views from their home.

Bosnian man builds rotating house so that his wife has changing views, World News - AsiaOne

Inspiration behind the rotating house

Turns out, the man was quite simply done with his wife’s complaints about the family house. So he just got up one and decided to build her a rotating house so she could “spin it” as she pleases, Vojin Kusic told Reuters.

The house is situated in northern Bosnia near a town called Srbac. It spins around a 7-metre long axis which Kusic designed himself.

The family can change the speed of the house as per their wishes. They can get a glimpse of cornfields as well as lush farms depending on the time of the day. In addition, they may see the view of forests and the river.

At the slowest speed, the house completes one full rotation in 24 hours. At its fastest, the rotating house can complete a full rotation in 22 seconds! We’re getting vertigo just thinking about this.

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