Beware of Juice Jacking!

What is Juice Jacking? Traveling anytime soon? If so, do not forget to charge your cell phone or carry another portable device. So that if your phone’s battery drains out. You do not need to re-charge it at a public spot like airports or railway stations. In case you’re wondering why we are advising so, then let us inform you. When you charge your electronic device in a public space, then you’re at open risk of getting cheated online. But how?

Charging your phone or any other device at free USB port charging stations, such as those found near airport gates, shopping malls, hotels, and other travel-friendly locations, could land you in certain unfortunate circumstances. You could easily become a victim of “juice jacking,” a new cyber-theft tactic.

What is Juice Jacking?

It is a type of cyber fraud using an infected USB charging station to compromise connected devices. The cyber attack can take advantage of the fact that a cell phone’s power supply passes over the same USB cable the connected device uses to sync data. According to cybersecurity experts, criminals can load malware onto public USB charging stations to maliciously access electronic mobile devices while they are being charged at open charging stations

How Your Electronic Device Can become a victim

  • The charging port of electronic devices at open charging stations can also be used to transfer files/data.
  • Fraudsters use public charging ports to transfer malware to customer phones. Connected there and take control/access/steal data sensitive data such as emails, SMS, saved passwords, etc. from the customers’ mobile phones (Juice Jacking).

Precaution from Juice Jacking

  • Avoid using public / unknown charging ports/cables.

One must note that not only open charging stations but you can also become a victim of online fraud.

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