Black Water-Is It Worth The Hype?

Black water is the latest hype you’ll soon be seeing all over your social media feeds. Here’s what you need to know.

What is black water?

There are a few brands of black water dotted throughout cyberspace, and they all generally have the same message. Black water is born out of the idea that today’s soil isn’t as nutrient-rich as it once was, so the foods grown from it aren’t as nutrient-dense as they once were.

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To counteract this imbalance, fulvic acid (a nutrient-rich compound produced in soil) is added to water, and voila! Drink it and you’ll get a mega-dose of nutrients, including minerals, electrolytes, amino acids, and antioxidants.

Should you buy black water?

The claims about black water are WILD. From boosting your immune system and reducing inflammation to detoxing your body, increasing nutrient absorption, and even nourishing your digestive tract (whatever that means), there’s a lot of hype around black water. One brand goes so far as touting fulvic acid as a ‘miracle’ product, which is a massive red flag for me.

Why? There’s no such thing as a magical elixir, and no single food or product can overhaul your health. What’s important is your overall lifestyle and pattern of eating – not the inclusion of a little black water here and there.

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Another point of contention is that black water is marketed as ‘alkaline’ water. In case you’re not up to speed, the train of thought is that what you eat or drink affects the acidity of your blood, and if your blood is acidic, your body is under stress. But here’s a reality check: what you eat and drink cannot impact the pH of your blood. Your lungs and kidneys have tight control over that – and if they didn’t, you’d be dead. On the plus side, black water is a zero-calorie drink, so it could be a better option than sugary, energy-dense options like soft drinks, cordial, and juice.

How is alkaline water different from mineral water?

The pH level of any food or drink helps to determine how acidic or alkaline it is. On a scale of 0 to 14, normal drinking water has a pH between 6 to 7, which is considered neutral. But the pH of an alkaline drink is generally above 7. This means that they are more alkaline than plain water.

The higher pH of water can either be naturally occurring or can be achieved through ionizing it.

Moreover, black water is enriched with more than 70 minerals, which is said to have long-term health benefits.

Does it really work?

Sipping on black alkaline water is the latest trend among fitness enthusiasts. However, experts are still unsure about its health benefits and long-term usage.

As per many researchers, there isn’t enough research carried out on it to support the many health claims made by sellers. Only a few studies suggest alkaline water might be helpful for certain conditions. The opinion of the experts in the field is still divided on the consumption of this kind of water.

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