Can banana skins really lighten dark circles under your eyes?

Social media users say stringy banana fibers can work wonders. Is there any truth in it?


The hack
Using banana peel to relieve that most persistent beauty bugbear: dark circles (or periorbital dark circles, if we’re being fancy) under the eyes.

The promise
An old trick revivied on TikTok makes an under-eye mask from banana peel.

Benefits of Banana peels:

1. Reduce the appearance of fine lines:

fine lines

Gently rub the inner portion of the banana peel on your skin and leave it on for half an hour. Later, wash it off with warm water. The peel houses antioxidants which can help to tighten and even out skin.

2. Treat acne and its scars:

banana use to remove scar

Start off by cutting a small piece of banana peel and rub it on the affected areas until the peel turns brown. Leave the peel fibers on your skin for 30 minutes and then rub it off with a hot towel. For better results, rub this peel twice a day for a few days. This home remedy will help to reduce the inflammation and even out the skin.

3.Treat dark circles and puffy eyes

Banana peel can also help to lighten up under eye dark circles. Scoop out the white fibers from the peel and mix it with aloe gel. The potassium peel and moisturizing aloe gel will help to treat under-eye bags and circles.

The test
The causes of dark circles vary – genetics, age, lifestyle and skin type can all play a part. Using a retinol-based product to stimulate plumping collagen can help a little, but I get the allure of the banana skin hack, because it is known to be nutrient-rich – and some retinols can irritate the skin. I take the skin, and scoop out the white fibres inside with a spoon – some users then suggest mixing this with aloe vera gel – before applying it under my eyes for 10 minutes. While I understand that the mildly exfoliating salicylic acid in the banana skin could lighten my dark circles, after a week, and three tries, I can see no difference at all. I try using just the peel itself, cut into strips and placed directly under my eyes. Instead, I end up with a “phloem bundle” (a banana string) stuck in my eyelashes.

The verdict
If you have a banana skin handy, why not? But realistically, using a retinol-based eye cream and a concealer. Seeing a specialist if you’re concerned – is the way to go.


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