54th CISF Raising Day: Everything you should know


The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) Raising Day is observed every year on March 10. It commemorate the CISF’s founding in 1969. The CISF, the top-tier central armed police force of the Ministry of Home Affairs, is in charge of providing security protection for several public sector organisations, airports, seaports, power plants, and other major infrastructure projects across the country. The 54th CISF Raising Day was held this year to recognise the efforts and contributions of the CISF.

The CISF Raising Day festivities honour the contributions made by CISF members with a procession, demonstrations of specialised strikes, and displays of martial arts. On this occasion, honourable CISF members are also given medals for their outstanding service.

CISF Raising Day: Significance

Some of the nation’s most important and delicate installations are under the CISF’s protection. To maintain the nation’s security, it is crucial to protect the nation’s infrastructure and critical assets. The CISF Rising Day celebrates the courage and commitment of the force. So that they carry out its missions, frequently under trying conditions.

CISF Raising Day: History

The CISF was established on March 10, 1969, under an Act of Parliament with a few battalions. The force has expanded in number and power over time, becoming a multifunctional security force with specialised knowledge and instruction. Initially, it was required to have a staff of at least 3,000 people. It wasn’t an army until much later. On June 15, 1983, a different act of Parliament was approved that enabled this to occur. To emphasise the force’s rising significance in preserving national security, the government increased its sanctioned personnel strength in 2017 from 145,000 to 180,000.

The CISF is renowned for its remarkable skills in managing difficult situations. It includes hostage crises, terrorist assaults, hijackings, and bomb threats. Modern security tools, specialised vehicles, and cutting-edge weapons are all available to the force. Also, the CISF includes a canine team that is specifically trained to find explosives and other illegal materials.

Important takeaways

CISF Founded: 10 March 1969
Director General of CISF: IPS Sheel Vardhan Singh
CISF Headquarters: New Delhi, India

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