Creative Useful Things You Can Make From Junk

Creative Useful Things You Can Make From Junk!

You might not know this, but that piece of junk that finds its way into your trash bin everyday may just turn out to be the hidden treasure you’ve been looking for. In essence, the things people deem as garbage, such as glass bottles, plastic pots and paper rolls are actually recyclable.

1) Turn a plastic bottle into a piggy bank

If you have kids, then turning junk plastic bottles into piggy banks seems to be a reasonable idea. Piggy banks help instil a culture of saving in your kids from a tender age. Depending on the size and shape of the bottle, you just need to create a slot on the side for dropping coins into the piggy bank.

2) Use old paper rolls as decorations

You do not need to buy expensive decorations and streamers for parties and other celebrations if you have old paper rolls at home. Just paint these paper rolls with different colours to come up with a creative set of decorations.

3) Make a candle inside old glass jars

Your leftover candles do not have to go to waste. You can easily recycle them using old glass jars. All you need to do is to place a wick inside the jar and slowly pour the melted wax until the wick is almost submerged to create your new candle.

4) Use your old computer tower case as a mailbox

An old computer casing may look like an electronic piece of junk. But with a few modifications, it can form a very good mailbox.

5) Turn shoelaces into woven bracelets

Instead of buying expensive metallic ornaments, you can easily turn your old shoelaces into woven bracelets. The best part is that shoelaces come in different styles and colours, making them the perfect choice for woven bracelets.

6) Use toilet paper rolls as a toy garage

Children can be messy when it comes to organising their toys. However, you can help them organise their stuff by creating toy garages using a shoe box and a pile of old paper rolls. You just need to fix the paper rolls in a series of rows inside the shoe box and each paper roll should be able to accommodate one small toy.

7) Make fun paper garlands using junk mail

Old envelopes can make great paper garlands when used appropriately. They come in different colours and sizes, giving you more options as far as styling is concerned. You just need to cut the envelopes into distinctive shapes and styles, and mix up the colours to come up with fun paper garlands.

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