Experience the Magical Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan !!

Plan your Japan vacation to coincide with the magical cherry blossom festival in Spring for a truly unique experience. The cherry blossom festival in Japan is typically witnessed around late March or early April. Marks the onset of spring and paints the landscape in exquisite tones.

This is the time when cherry blossoms – called “sakura” in Japanese – make for a charming sight with their fleeting presence in various parts of the country. White or pale pink, sometimes dark pink or yellow, and sometimes changing color as the blooming period progresses. They symbolize the delicate and ephemeral nature of life and attract locals and tourists alike.

Picnic Under the Cherry Blossom tree:

It’s no wonder then that there’s a word called “hanami” in the Japanese lexicon. It refers to “cherry blossom viewing” or the centuries-old practice of enjoying a picnic or party under a cherry tree in bloom. In some places, you can even enjoy a late-night hanami picnic with pretty paper lanterns to heighten the ambiance.

While the blooming period can last up to 14 days, there are some varieties that are in peak bloom for just a couple of days.

Japan has a special connection with cherry blossom. The extent that some would even call it the country’s national flower. It is home to over a hundred varieties of cherry trees, including wild varieties and cultivated ones.

The trees are also differentiated in terms of the number of petals, the color of the petals, and the shape of the tree. Also the color of the leaves and whether the leaves arrive along with the blossoms or after the blooming period. Trees with blossoms of more than five petals are called yaezakura. Weeping cherry trees which have drooping branches are called shidarezakura. The Somei Yoshino with five-petal blossoms of white or pale pink color is among the most commonly found cherry trees in Japan. The Ukon variety is known for its pale yellow blossoms. The blooming period can last up to 14 days or so. There are some varieties that are in peak bloom for just a couple of days. So A great way to enjoy the beauty of cherry blossom in Japan is to observe how it keeps changing as the days pass by.

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