Why is Good Friday not regarded as a “happy day”?

Good Friday

Good Friday is a day of tremendous religious significance for people who follow Christianity. It is observed to remember Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection. It is recognised as one of India’s most important religious ceremonies. However, despite its name, Good Friday is not a happy day. As a result, it is advised to refrain from wishing people a “Happy Good Friday” on this day.

Observed as a day of remembrance and penance

According to the New Testament, Jesus was crucified by the Romans on this day. Jesus’ assertion that he was the Son of God led to his being accused of blasphemy. The Jewish religious authorities were offended by Jesus’ assertions, so they presented him to the Romans. Pontius Pilate, the governor of Rome, had ordered the execution of Jesus Christ. One of his followers, Judas, got him arrested by Roman troops, and as a reward, he was given 30 pieces of silver. He had informed the Roman soldiers that he was kissing Jesus and that they should take him into custody. This incident served as the inspiration for Gustave DorĂ©’s renowned painting “The Judas Kiss,” created in 1866.

Jesus carried the cross to the location of his execution, known in Latin as Calvary, on the day of his crucifixion. By his wrists and ankles, he was nailed to the crucifix he was carrying. He was placed on the cross in this position until his death.

Good Friday

Hence, On this day, Christians honour the sacrifices of Jesus, the way he was crucified, his sufferings, the tortures he went through and the painful death he had. A day after Good Friday is the day of celebration, or Easter day. This day commemorates the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, which as per New Testament was on the third day of his burial. It is also why you don’t see anyone wishing ‘Happy Good Friday’.

According to history, the name “Good Friday” derives from the word “good” in the pious, holy meaning. The Catholic Church used the Latin phrase “Feria sexta in Parasceve” until 1955. (Friday of Preparation).When the new ritual was established in 1970, the phrase was abbreviated to Feria sexta in Passione Domini (Friday of the Passion of the Lord). Good Friday is typically referred to as Karfreitag, which translates as “Mourning Friday,” in German-speaking nations.

  1. When is Good Friday?
    April 7, 2023, is Good Friday.
  2. Is good friday a holiday?
    Although some financial institutions and schools may be closed on Good Friday, the holiday is not truly recognized everywhere.
  3. What are some good friday facts?
    Christians believe that Jesus Christ was crucified on Good Friday in order to atone for our sins.The day before Easter is known as Good Friday.Any day between March 20 and April 23 might be Good Friday.On Good Friday, it’s customary to make hot cross buns.

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