Highest Motorable Pass or Roads in the World

Highest Motorable Pass or Roads in the World

1. Umling La or Umlingla Pass – 5,883 Mtrs or 19,300 Feet

In 2017, BRO has built and opened the world’s highest road over Umlingla pass or Umling La connecting Chisumle and Demchok villages. Umling La pass is about 105 KMs from Hanle Village and about 235 KMs from Leh. Civilians are no longer allowed to travel to Umling La pass. So you need to wait up to the point in future when army and administration start issuing the permits for Umling La.

2. Road to Uturuncu – 5,777 Mtrs or 18,953 Feet

The road to Uturuncu above col is situated in Potosi, Bolivia which was used to be considered as the world’s highest motorable road at a staggering altitude of 5,777 Mtrs or 18953 Feet until India opened up Umlingla.

This route has attracted many cyclists all over the world is the highest cyclable road in the world for sure. The road was built to service a sulfur mine. However, if you live in India and have been to the high villages of Ladakh and Spiti, then by looking at the pictures of roads to Uturuncu, you can judge that such roads are driven mostly by many of local natives as well as tourists who are experienced drivers in such terrains of trans-Himalayas.

3.Khardung La – 5,359 Mtrs or 17,582 Feet

Thousands of tourists travel every year to this mountain pass, and I assume that it may be one of the most clicked passes in the world for sure with maybe thousands of photographs produced every year by tourists over the Internet who visit Ladakh. Almost, everyone who visits Ladakh, do visit Khardung La pass and get a picture clicked up there with its signboard. See mine too in the article first picture


4.Chang La (Ladakh, India) – Elevation: 17586 ft

The Tibetan translation for “La” means “pass”, and Chang la, at a scarcely believable altitude of 17,586 ft above sea level. Takes the 10th spot on the list. It is easily accessible through the town of Leh in the Ladakh region of Kashmir and is best experienced if you take a Royal Enfield motorcycle to the summit. Where the view are unbeatable.

5.Suge La pass (West Lhasa, Tibet) – Elevation: 17815 ft

Located about 110km from Lhasa. Suge La takes its spot as one of the most extreme mountain passes you will ever come across. Simply because of the fact that it is so hard to climb it even with a vehicle. Oxygen, like in most high mountain passes is in short supply and the dangers of mountain sickness loom large. But it is worth it.

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