Highly Awaited Book Releases of August 2023

Highly Awaited Book Releases of August 2023

For those unacquainted with Booklist Queen, each month encompasses an exploration of the most anticipated book launches. The endeavor involves delving into numerous new releases, aiming to provide an unfiltered viewpoint on which titles warrant attention and which may not.

Nonetheless, it’s understood that individual reading preferences may vary. Hence, the inclusion of some of August 2023’s noteworthy book releases penned by beloved authors, catering to a diverse audience.

Without further ado, let’s embark on the journey through the August 2023 book releases, allowing readers to enrich their own reading lists.

Top August 2023 Book Releases

#1. The Connellys of County Down- TRACEY LANGE

The Connellys of County Down- TRACEY LANGE

After serving 18 months in prison on a drug conviction, Tara Connelly tries to rebuild her life. She moves back in with her siblings – a brother who’s a single dad trying to overcome a brain injury and a sister struggling with an intense need for a sense of control. Just as Tara feels like she might find love again, the cop who arrested her begins to hassle her and the family’s secrets threaten to unravel everything she has worked for.

#2. Good Bad Girl- ALICE FEENEY


Eighty-year-old Edith is busy hatching her escape plan from the nursing home. As Edith becomes friends with Patience, a nursing home employee, they try to solve a twenty-year child abduction and a recent murder. Yet, Patience is lying to Edith about almost everything and they are about to find they are connected in ways they never imagined.

#3. Happiness Falls- ANGIE KIM

Happiness Falls- ANGIE KIM

Twenty-year-old Mia isn’t particularly concerned when her father and brother are late coming home from a walk. Until her little brother walks in covered in blood. With autism and a rare genetic condition, Eugene can’t communicate what happened. Now Mia must race to find answers. Did her father walk away? Did something happen to him? And could Eugene be responsible?

#4. None of This is True- LISA JEWELL

None of This is True- LISA JEWELL

On her forty-fifth birthday, Alix Summers runs into Josie Fair, who happens to be her birthday twin. Soon Alix runs into Josie again, and Josie convinces Alix that Josie’s life would be a great subject for Alix’s podcast. As Josie manipulates her way into Josie’s life Alix unexpectedly finds herself the subject of her own podcast and must uncover Josie’s dark secrets to protect her family.

#5. After That Night- KARIN SLAUGHTER


Fifteen years ago, a night out with friends ended in a violent attack that changed Sara Linton’s life forever. Sara has finally remade her life; she’s now a successful doctor engaged to be married. When a young woman arrives at the ER after a brutal attack, Sara struggles to keep her alive. As GBI Special Agent Will Trent investigates, it becomes clear that this current attack is eerily similar to Sara’s.

#6. Just Another Missing Person- GILLIAN MCALLISTER

Just Another Missing Person- GILLIAN MCALLISTER

One day, twenty-two-year-old Olivia is spotted on CCTV camera entering a dead-end alley and never coming out again. When Julia is assigned the case, she dreads spending so much time away from her daughter while dealing with a frantic family. Yet Julia soon realizes that her family’s safety depends on framing someone else for Olivia’s murder.

#7. California Golden- MELANIE BENJAMIN

California Golden- MELANIE BENJAMIN

Against all odds, Carol Donnelly has broken the gender-barrier to become a legendary female suffer. Yet her daughters, Mindy and Ginger, struggle to deal with their unconventional childhood and their mother’s physical and emotional absence. As they grow up, their lives start to diverge. Mindy becomes a surfer and gets swept into celebrity while Ginger embraces the counterculture of 1960s California.

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