How manifesting can help you live your best life



what it means to manifest successfully

When it comes to mental wellness, manifesting has become the decade’s woke buzzword. Some are familiar with it as a TikTok trend sparking memes (“shut up I’m manifesting!”). Others are reminded of the ‘90s affirmation movement played out through self-help materials. But the fact is, people have been manifesting for centuries.

One way is with a gratitude practice. To have feelings of appreciation puts you in a high vibrational frequency state. We attract the energy we put out. Emotions with low vibrational energy (think fear, anger, shame, frustration) “can actually block you from having what you want”. In contrast, joy, peace and acceptance are thought to be high vibe and can do the opposite.

You can change low-vibe emotions into high-vibe ones. Take envy – something that our comparison culture, amplified by social media, breeds. One of her seven steps is titled ‘Turn envy into inspiration’, which speaks to the notion of lifting others up.

One thing that can really block us from our goals is comparing ourselves to others and feeling envious – whatever your focus in life, whether it’s being more successful or attracting your soulmate.

The key is to instead be inspired by it. “It becomes an abundance mindset: ‘If they can have it, I can have it too’, leaving you empowered.”

This all explains why manifesting is a lifestyle. “You don’t do it, you live it”.

How to manifest

– Know your worth.

– Create a vision board.

Do the work.

Trust when things go wrong.

Manifesting is not about picturing what you want and waiting for it to happen

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