Water-rich foods to help you stay hydrated this summer

Water-rich foods to help you stay hydrated this summer

This summer, you don’t have to chug fluids to stay hydrated. Here is a list of foods that will keep you fit and healthy during the summer. So, who told you that you needed to drink litres of fluids to stay hydrated during the summer? You can now counteract this by eating a few of these foods, which will keep your body cool and hydrated throughout the summer and help you maintain good health.


Corn is a great source of potassium, lutein, fiber, and antioxidants. It is known to be one of the best foods for eye health and regulating blood circulation. Many people might face the problem of indigestion in summers and the high fiber content of corn is a great solution for it. Also, the antioxidants present in the food item can prevent inflammation.


A fruit which has 92% water content is one of the best bets when it comes to having healthy food during summers. You can simply eat it or make shakes combining some lemon and ginger or mint to make a tasty and healthy fruit drink.


Cucumbers are yet another vegetable item that weighs high on the list of summer coolers. With a 96% water content, you can eat it with your meals or just slice them and spice them to have it stand alone. They have no fats or cholesterol, only healthy nutrients like Vitamin B6, Vitamin K and more.


They contain 92% water and are loaded with fiber and Vitamin C, and they taste amazing too. Whether you have them just as fruit or make smoothies or shakes with them, they are good and healthy in all forms.


Lettuce is high on water content (96%), but apart from that they are not known to have much nutrition value and so it is best if you couple them up with other green vegetables or salads to make it a complete healthy option.


Curd is something which most of the Indians include in their food thali. It has calcium which is really important for bone health, as well as it quenches the thirst and calms down the burning stomach.


If you are someone who doesn’t worry about putting on weight, then you can enjoy the summer fruit guilt-free. Mangoes are sweet and full of iron and calcium. They also help in making the immune system strong with a high content of vitamin A and vitamin C present in it.

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