Indian cities to visit if you’re a foodie

Indian cities to visit if you're a foodie

Almost every state in India boasts of its own cuisine as the best cuisine in India, also claiming the fact that you will find nowhere but there. If you cannot help but smile every time you hear someone mention ‘food’, then you should definitely add these cities to the list of places you definitely visit. Here are Indian cities for food lovers where you will find the best food.

Indian cities with the finest food offerings

1. New Delhi

chole bhature

New Delhi holds the esteemed title of being the culinary hub of the nation, and rightfully so. This urban center is famed for its exceptional array of North Indian and international delicacies. Indulge in the delectable delights of chaat, chole bhature, momos, and butter chicken – a must-try in New Delhi. Furthermore, the city boasts a collection of top-notch global cuisine eateries that rival the best in the country.

2. Mumbai

vada pav

Mumbai’s culinary scene has exploded in the last few decades. The city is a melting pot of cultures, and so are its restaurants. Mumbai’s eateries serve everything from seafood and Maharashtrian delicacies to global fare. Moreover, the city’s street food, including vada pav, pav bhaji, Bombay sandwiches, and bhel puri, are must-haves.

3. Bengaluru


If you have a love for food, make sure to include Bengaluru in your travel plans. This city is a haven for food enthusiasts, offering a wide-ranging culinary landscape to cater to all tastes. While Bengaluru boasts traditional South Indian eateries with a rich history, it also boasts excellent establishments where you can savor delectable Chinese and Italian cuisines. Don’t forget to explore the newly inaugurated dining spots like Lupa and Daysie – you’ll be grateful for the recommendation!

4. Goa

Fish fry

When visiting Goa, on India’s western coast, check out the local eateries for appetising Goan sausages, crispy xacuti, and fish curry. But also try the sunshine state’s new restaurants that are a testament to its varied culinary offerings. Goa currently has a thriving food scene thanks to a new wave of transplants from other Indian cities. From this bunch of new eateries, we recommend Hosa, Slow Tide and Kaiā Goa.

5. Hyderabad


Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana, stands as a haven for those with a fondness for meat-based cuisine. If you find yourself in Hyderabad, it’s highly recommended to prioritize indulging in their delectable biryani. Renowned establishments like Biryaniwalla & Co, Chicha’s, and Bawarchi Restaurant offer some of the most exceptional biryanis we’ve ever encountered. Alongside this, make sure not to miss out on other essential Hyderabadi dishes like haleem, baghāre baingan, and tikka boti.

6. Indore


Indore, in Madhya Pradesh, is undoubtedly a street food haven. The city’s food hubs are Chappan and Sarafa Market. These markets have winding streets lined up with vibrant stores and food stalls serving the most mouth-watering street food dishes, including steaming hot kachoris, poha, bhutte ka kees and jalebis.

7. Kolkata


Kolkata is renowned for its distinctive gastronomic delights. The vibrant city’s dining establishments skillfully prepare delectable Bengali delicacies using the finest locally sourced seafood. The street food scene in Kolkata, featuring favorites like puchkas and kathi rolls, also enjoys immense popularity. Additionally, the city boasts an array of exceptional Chinese restaurants that stand among the finest in the nation. Our recommended choices include the legendary Beijing Restaurant, Flavours of China, and Tung Fong.

8. Amritsar


Amritsar is our go-to destination when we are craving authentic Punjabi food. Make your way to Kanha Sweets, Ahuja Milk Bhandar, ​​Bharawan da Dhaba, ​​Makhan Fish and Chicken Corner, and Beera Chicken House for the best Amritsari kulchas, chole puri and pinni, lassi, makki di roti and sarson da saag, mah ki dal and Amritsari fish tikka. These dishes are consistently good and always hit the spot!

9. Jaipur

dal baati churma

Jaipur holds the distinction of being the epicenter of culinary delights in Rajasthan. The Pink City presents an exquisite fusion of Rajasthani cuisine alongside delightful European offerings. Among the most renowned Rajasthani dishes in Jaipur are laal maas, gatte ki sabzi, and dal baati churma, known for their rich flavors and comforting appeal. Additionally, treat yourself to the Rajasthani thalis at Sharma Dhaba, Samode Haveli, and Chokhi Dhani. While in Jaipur, be sure not to overlook the opportunity to savor pyaz ki kachori and mawa ki kachori from Rawat Misthan Bhandar.

10. Varanasi


The holy city of Varanasi is loved for its flavourful food, including traditional North Indian dishes and street food. Try the samosas, malai toast, kachoris, lassi, paan, chaat, kheer and ​​khoya jalebis in Varanasi. Drop by Lakshmi Tea Stall, Ram Bhandar, Gauri Shankar Kachori Wale and Kashi Chat Bhandar. These places are always crowded, but the food is worth the wait.

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