5 Hidden iPhone Features You Need to Try Today

iPhone Features

In the world of smartphones, iPhones have consistently stood out for their blend of power and simplicity. While they may not boast as many features as some of their competitors, Apple has packed iPhones with a range of funky and useful capabilities that often fly under the radar. From quirky shortcuts to personalized touches, here are five funky things you probably didn’t know your iPhone could do.

Tap On The Back For Quick Actions:

Back Tap, introduced by Apple in 2017, remains one of the iPhone’s best-kept secrets. With a simple double or triple tap on the back of your iPhone, you can trigger a range of actions, from taking a screenshot to launching the magnifier. This feature adds a whole new level of convenience to navigating your device, regardless of which iPhone model you own.

Erase Text By Shaking The iPhone:

Who knew shaking your iPhone could be so useful? Instead of laboriously deleting text with the backspace key, a quick shake of your device prompts an “Undo Typing” option, instantly removing the last snippet of text you typed. It’s a fun and intuitive way to edit your messages or notes on the fly.

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Siri Can Arrange Apps On Your Home Screen:

Siri isn’t just for setting reminders and answering trivia questions. By adding the Siri App Suggestions widget to your home screen, Siri can learn your app usage patterns and intelligently organize your apps accordingly. This hands-free approach to app management saves time and ensures your most-used apps are always within easy reach.

Secure Your Personal Voice:

Did you know you can replace Siri’s voice with your own? With this feature, you can record a personal voice that Siri will use to read out sentences and responses, adding a unique touch to your iPhone experience. It’s a quirky yet practical way to personalize your device and make it feel truly your own.

Toss A Coin:

Indecisive moments are no match for Siri’s coin-tossing abilities. When faced with a tough choice, simply ask Siri to “Flip a coin” or “Toss a coin,” and let your iPhone decide for you. It’s a fun way to settle dilemmas and add a bit of randomness to your decision-making process.

While iPhones may not always boast the sheer number of features found in some rival smartphones, it’s the thoughtful touches and hidden gems that set them apart. From intuitive gestures to personalized experiences, these five funky iPhone features showcase the ingenuity and creativity that make Apple devices a joy to use. So go ahead, explore your iPhone’s capabilities, and unlock a world of possibilities right at your fingertips.

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