World’s lesser recognised dancing styles that will blow you away!

World's lesser recognised dancing styles that will blow you away

The world is full of so many hidden features. Be it dance, be it culture, exquisite monuments, a beauty of nature, be it anything else where the list may go on and on.

Dance is the form of expression of one’s soul, culture, traditions, and way of expression of feelings from one individual to another. It is a perfect language which relates various cultures of this world into a single thread.

Flamenco Dance Form

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Flamenco is one of the most characteristic dance forms of the Spanish culture. Especially throughout the southern region of Andalucía. It is like brushing the surface of the flamenco dance form. But if we look at stomping feet it’s all about the fiery passion. Flamenco has a very deeper history which relates to the tales of the development of Spain itself. It is the dazzling results of centuries.

Of absorbing and sewing together elements of this myriad of diverse cultures. It is this that have made flamenco dance and music that we see today. In a flamenco dance performance, the dancer — or bailor(a) — will often stand motionless for the first few moments. Absorbing the strums of the guitar, the clapping, and the singing until the inspiration hits him/her. Then he or she will launch into a flamenco dance every bit as passionate as the song being belted out by the cantor. You can see the explosion of emotions in every step and even on the dancer’s facial expressions throughout the performance.

Duets, performed by a man and a woman, are often the most mesmerizing, yet noteworthy flamenco dances. The dancers keep their eyes locked each other. Consistently and aggressively building off one another in what becomes a competition of passion, sexual tension, and emotion.

Tap Dance

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Tap dance is a form of dance characterized by using the sounds of tap shoes striking the floor as a form of percussion. Rhythm and Broadway tap are the two most interesting variations that exist in the dance form. Broadway focuses on dance moves and is widely performed in musical theater.

Whereas, Rhythm focuses on musicality, and practitioners consider themselves to be a part of the jazz tradition. There’s a metal “rap” on the heel and toe of the shoe worn by the performers. Which brings out beautiful music when danced to! There are different brands of shoes which sometimes differ in the way they sound.

Polka Dance

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The polka was the second to be introduced as the couple dance to the world, first being the waltz. The word polka is Czech meaning “Half-step” about the quick movement from one foot to another. Dances were often combined depending on the venue and the region.

Of all the regional dances, polka survived them all and combined elements of all their steps, rhythms, and style. Now it has become a competitive form of dance. Incorporating many of the traditional folk forms. And emphasizing on skill and precise movements!

Swing Dance

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Swing dancing is a type of group dance form which has originated from the roots of Harlem, New York with afro-American roots. The feel of the dance is like “swinging”. As it developed to the swing style of jazz music from the 1920s to the 40s or 50s.

The most shared and known style of the swing dance form is the “lindy hop”, that is danced all around the world. Swing is danced not in competitions but socially as well. Which makes it fun and introduces you to many people and dance and have fun outside lessons too.

Cancan Dance

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The cancan dance form is a lively and risque dance form, originated from the French or Algeria. It is usually performed onstage by four women.

In the modern world, the dance form is getting famous. And is known for its high kicks in unison that expose both the leg and the petticoat. The cancan is in a lively 2/4 time and was at first danced to quadrille or gallop music.

Cossack Dance

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The Cossack dance is also referred to as Hopak dance form. It is a Ukrainian dance form. And performed most often as a single concert dance by amateur and professional Ukrainian dancers.

This magnificent dance is popularly referred to as the National Dance of Ukraine.

Much of the improvised parts of the ancient hopak involves solo dancers, usually male. Performing visually and technically amazing acrobatic feats. These include jumps and spins, and are the highlight of the performance.

Shaolin monk Dance

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Shaolin monks come from Hunan, China, and are well known for their martial arts skills. With the tradition of over 1500 years, the monks have combined knowledge. Along with it discipline, and kung fu to make a very unusual dance form of their own.

Celestial Dance

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The Cambodian dance depicts the sagas that have prevailed in the country for hundreds of years. It had been even graven into some components of the Angkor war. Cambodian dances of this tradition are known as their princes and princesses. All exist, male and female deities, Giants and monkeys.

While some works are complex dance dramas of love and war and magic. Whereas others are considered as pure dance pieces, meant to evoke a sense of reverence.

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