Most Dangerous Rivers in the World

Most Dangerous Rivers in the World

Rivers provide water, food and transportation to communities around the world. They’re also beautiful to look at, refreshing to swim in and incredibly fun to raft or kayak through.

But as wonderful as rivers are and as much as we appreciate them, they also can turn deadly. Rivers will betray you in a matter of seconds with strong undercurrents, rocks, wild animals and pollution (though we have only ourselves to blame for this one).

These are the world’s most dangerous rivers.

What Makes Red River So Deadly

With its deep ochre color, Red River is an unusual body of water that passes through New Mexico, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas and Oklahoma.

What makes it dangerous is its capricious nature, as the currents of the river are fairly unpredictable and can change without warning. Strong undercurrents also combine to form whirlpools that can trap anyone unfortunate enough to encounter them.

What Makes Brisbane River So Deadly

Though this river certainly imparts a charming beauty to the city of Brisbane, it also presents a danger to it.

The river floods occasionally, causing headaches for the city and its inhabitants. But the real danger is when people decide to plunge into it. Authorities advise against it due to the high number of drownings that have occurred. That and the large population of bull sharks that have made a cozy home within it.

Bull sharks are a particularly aggressive species of shark that will attack without reason. They also make it a habit to live in rivers whenever possible. Brisbane River has an estimated population of 500 bull sharks, which is 500 too many for our comfort.

What Makes Kern Rivers So Deadly

This California river is considered one of the most dangerous bodies of water in the United States.

Although it is not very long, it is fed by the snow at the peak of the Sierra Nevadas, which means that its water levels are fairly high. It also has a fast current that has trapped several people in its deadly snare. Since 2000, 96 people have died in this river, prompting the authorities to issue warnings to the public.

Not all areas of the Kern River are dangerous, but it’s often difficult to know which ones are. Even those simply walking rather than swimming have fallen victim to the river. This is mostly because the river banks have smooth granite rocks that often cause people to slip and fall into the water.

All of these factors have earned the river the nickname “Killer Kern.”

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