MTR Creates Guinness World Record with 123-Foot-Long Dosa in Bengaluru


Bengaluru witnessed a historic culinary feat as MTR, in collaboration with Lorman Kitchen Equipments, achieved the Guinness World Record for creating the longest dosa, measuring an impressive 123 feet. This remarkable accomplishment took place at MTR’s food factory in Bommasandra, marking a significant milestone in the company’s illustrious 100-year journey.

The mammoth dosa-making endeavor involved a collaborative effort of over 75 chefs working tirelessly to ensure its success. Chef Regi Mathew, consultant chef at the Centre of Excellence, MTR, revealed the meticulous planning behind the scenes, with more than 110 trials conducted before achieving the desired outcome.

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Crafting the Record-Breaking Dosa

The cooking process, although similar to that of a regular dosa, had its unique intricacies. A massive 123-foot tawa, specially crafted for the occasion by Lorman Kitchen Equipments, was set to a precise temperature and monitored meticulously using infrared thermometers. The dosa batter, prepared using MTR’s mix, was spread evenly using a batter hopper to ensure uniformity.

As the synchronized process unfolded, the dosa was seamlessly rolled using a long line of connected slicers, resulting in a crispy dosa without any breaks. The achievement was met with resounding cheers of victory, marking a momentous occasion for all involved.

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Culinary Innovation and Collaboration

Chandra Mouli, Managing Director of Lorman Kitchen Equipments, emphasized the importance of promoting clean cooking methods like induction cooking, which was utilized during the event. The specially designed 123-foot tawa, equipped with multiple temperature controllers, showcased the advancements in culinary technology.

In addition to seasoned chefs, budding culinary talents from Ramaiah University contributed to the success of the endeavor. Anish Cherian, a fourth-year student of Bachelor of Hotel Management, expressed his excitement at being part of a world record-setting event, highlighting the surreal experience it offered.

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Educational Impact and Community Outreach

Neena Joshi, Adjunct Faculty at the University, emphasized the invaluable learning experience the students gained from their involvement in the six-month-long project. The dosa, a symbol of culinary excellence, was later served to students of the Government Higher Primary School in Hebbagodi, spreading joy and celebration beyond the culinary realm.

MTR’s groundbreaking achievement not only sets a new benchmark in the culinary world but also serves as a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence in Indian cuisine.

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