National Egg Day


Arguably one of the oldest foods known to man, eggs have played an important role in the lives and health of humans since time out of mind. These little goodies are packed full of protein, and also serve as the base for some of the most wonderful breakfast foods and culinary additions, including that most perfect of condiments for sandwiches, mayonnaise. 

World Egg Day celebrates these delightful little packages of deliciousness and the incredibly important role they play in the day-to-day lives of humans all over the planet. 

History of World Egg Day

Typically, when most tend to consider the egg, they think of those white or brown shelled emissions that come from the common chicken. Containing a small treasure with a golden yolk, and the potential to become so many things that it strains the boundaries of human imagination, the Chicken Egg has become the definitive image when the word ‘egg’ is spoken.

But these are not the only type of eggs that mankind finds valuable, consider for a moment caviar, a symbol of wealth in its own right. These are, of course, the eggs of various fish, and World Egg Day represents their importance as well.

The history of the egg expands far beyond merely a culinary concern and, in fact, has had great importance in multiple cultures for reasons both decorative and religious. In many cultures around the world, eggs have been a sign of fertility and representative of life, renewal and rebirth.

Consider for a moment the Easter Egg, where children hunt each year for brightly colored eggs or plastic shaped in the form of the egg which contains treats such as chocolate, jellybeans, or money. In fact, decorated Easter Eggs are one of the oldest forms of decorative artwork in the world. 

And what about the Faberge Eggs? Those beautiful pieces of artistic elegance created by Peter Carl Faberge from St. Petersburg, Russia. So beautiful were these that they were prized even by Czars!

World Egg Day reminds you to explore the hallways of history and the places that eggs occupy there. It’s time to get into celebrating World Egg Day.



One of the best and easiest ways to add good quality protein to your diet is to include eggs in your meals every day. A storehouse of protein, calcium, Vitamin B6, B12, Vitamin D, folate, phosphorous, and healthy fats, eggs not fuel you for the entire day, but also provide long-term benefits for your bone health, brain health and improving your immunity. National Egg Day is celebrated every year on June 3 to celebrate this versatile superfood which can be turned into endless sweet, spicy, savoury, and delightful recipes. 

1. Mughlai paratha

Mughlai paratha

Which Indian doesn’t like paratha? Now this is a version of paratha with eggs stuffed inside it and then fried. This is a popular Bengali street food, having its origin in West Bengal and Bangladesh.

2. Egg burger

Egg burger

Make a tasty egg burger at home choosing multigrain buns and stuffing it with an omelette, along with veggies of your choice. You can give it an Indian tadka by adding spices such as chaat masala, garam masala etc to add more flavour.

3. Egg in a hole

Egg in a hole

Want a healthy breakfast with a nice blend of carbohydrates and protein? Try this recipe which is a complete meal in which you cut the bread from the centre in a circular shape. Put two breads on the top of each other on a frying pan and then burst an egg in the centre of it. Garnish with coriander leaves, salt and garam masala.

4. Egg malai masala

Egg malai masala

This yummy gravy recipe made with eggs is a must try in which gravy is made with the tadka of tomatoes, onions and desi masala. Boiled eggs cut in half are added to the gravy.

5. Baked eggs

Baked eggs

For this recipe, you can start by cracking eggs and seasoning them with a little salt and pepper followed by whisking them well with a little cream. In another pan, sauté onions, spinach, cherry tomatoes and some basil leaves in butter and season with salt and pepper. Now for baking eggs, all you need to do is take a mould and add vegetable mix in it, then top it with egg mixture and bake in oven at 170-180 degrees celsius for 5-6 minutes.

6. Egg macaroni

Egg macaroni

Craving something saucy and delicious? Try this recipe of macaroni with Alfredo or pesto sauce and adding scrambled eggs to it. Season with fresh basil leaves and cherry tomatoes.

7. Cloud eggs

Cloud eggs

This is an amazing eye appealing recipe made with fluffy egg whites topped with runny egg yolk. They are also named as egg nests. Simply made, this recipe is made by beating egg whites, folding it in grated cheese, tucking the egg yolk in the centre and then baking.

Try these mouth-watering recipes if you are bored of the normal omelettes or boiled eggs and need to add more flavours to your palate.

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