Places To Visit in December in India

Places To Visit in December in India

While snow claims India’s northern bits, the sun lulls its beaches, its southern outlines acquire an effortless charm and the plains get used to a much-awaited extra layer of clothes, the Indian Peninsula enters one of the best seasons to travel here. Here are the places to visit in India in December, a month marked by a string of holidays, itching your feet to get out and travel.


Winter and snow always go hand in hand, and what’s a better place or time to find both in Auli in the month of December. Renowned for being the skiing destination of India, it’s flocked by tourists from within the country and from abroad as well. December is the best time to be here to witness the incredible amount of snowfall which takes place.


An expanse of white sands for most parts of the year, Kutch transforms into a center of the celebration. In December as it hosts its grand Rann Mahotsav. While the summers at Rann are extremely hot and unbearable. Winters are quite cool with temperatures sometimes falling as low as 0 degrees. Visit this moon-like desert of India in December for an extraordinary experience that will continue to charm you for much longer.


Goa is associated most with touristy beaches, happening nightlife and historic Portuguese architecture. This list of places to visit in India in December would be incomplete without adding Goa to it. Goa is easily one of the best places in India to wrap up the year. Explore its hippie culture, warm winter beaches, the most delicious seafood and of course, it’s alcohol.


Situated close to the Pakistan border. The Golden City is a major tourist spot owing to its proximity to the Thar Desert. Winters is an ideal time to explore the local activities such as camel desert safari. Watching the spectacular colours of the desert sunset or enjoy a night of luxurious desert camping.

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