Reasons Why Venice Is The World’s Most Beautiful City !!

It’s The Calli (Little Alleys) That Give Venice Its Charm

There are a lot of things that make Venice charming. Many people think of the water and the gondolas when they think of the city. However, it’s also the little alleys that give it its rare charm.

You might get lost while exploring the little alleys of the city, but it’s better than following the crowds and doing the mainstream thing. You’ll really get to feel the unique charm of the city as you wander around the little streets.

You’ll notice that houses aren’t numbered according to streets but districts which is why a lot of tourists get lost during their travels.

It Used To Be Its Own Country

Between the seventh century and 1797, it was known as the Republic of Venice, a European economic powerhouse based on trade and negotiation. This era came to an end with the ascent of Napoleon in the late 18th century. By this time, Venice was weakened by conflict with Turkey.

Still, it’s pretty fascinating and surprising to hear that Venice used to be its own country. Then again, with all it offers, it deserves to have a powerful title. That’s another thing that makes Venice so intriguing: its long and fascinating history. There’s so much to this Italian city.

The Absence Of Cars

In addition to the charming canals, bridges, and waterways, one of Venice’s most unique features is the absence of cars. Boats and gondolas are not stage props. In fact, they are a necessity for living and traveling around Venice. You can’t live without a boat or gondola in the city.

Instead of seeing a car or a motorbike parked outside of a house, in Venice, you’ll usually see a boat outside tied with rope. Even the public transport in the city does not use cars or buses. They travel on water. That’s a big part of what makes Venice so unique and unusual.


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