Seven spices of India—from kitchen to clinic

Seven spices of India—from kitchen to clinic

Spices play a vital role in Indian cuisine since long time. These are the some of the most valuable items of domestic as well as industrial kitchens. The role of spices is to increase the palatability and used as a flavoring, coloring, and preservative agents. Rather than cooking spices is the part of many industry like medical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and perfumery, and many more.

Indian spices as a biotherapy have become important in the developed and developing world with specific spices such as cinnamon and curcumin involved in the control of the immune system and the antimicrobial therapy.









A spice like turmeric is being used in India as an anti-inflammatory agent to treat gas, colic, toothaches, chest pains, and menstrual unbalance. It is a prominent medicine for healing of injury and removal of pockmark and used in cosmetic treatment as well. Spices contain a property of antioxidants; many studies suggest that they are also dominant inhibitors of tissue injury and swelling due to blood sugar and cholesterol. Spices play a significance role as anti-proliferative, anti-hyper cholesterolemic, anti-diabetic, and anti-inflammatory. They act in curing of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, and cancer now a day.


Cumin is always a part of spice, as it holds volatile oil which provides a particular aroma to its seeds. Rather than spices is also helpful much disease like tooth pain, dyspepsia, and jaundice as well [33]. Cumin is cultivated in many parts of India and export to international market with a demand in many forms like seeds, powder, essential oil, and oleoresin [34]. Due to remedial and sweet-scented properties, cumin is widely used by food as well as pharmaceutical industry.


The most notable utilization of fenugreek as nourishment is as an enhancing operator in curry dishes. Yet the ground seeds are an imperative element of curry powders as well as of oriental sauces and halva also. It is likewise utilized in chutneys, pickles, and different fixings, biting gum and candy store, sodas, cakes, puddings, desserts, and syrups. Throughout the hundreds of years, it has especially gotten known as a ground-breaking galactagogue and stomach-related guide, for instance, to determine gastric aggravation and as a general stomach-related tonic.


Coriander has been used since outdated events to the extent of the cooking, solution, and improving. Among the solution properties, coriander has been represented to show, for instance, cell fortification, unfriendly to diabetic, against mutagenic, anthelmintic, opiate enchanting, anticonvulsant, diuretic, antifungal, anticancer, anxiolytic, hepatoprotective, threatening to protozoal, against ulcer, post-coital, antifertility, cholesterol cutting down, guarded against lead noxious quality, and overpowering metal detoxifier.

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