Tech Future Predictions for 2022 and Beyond

Future Prediction One: AI-supported software development takes hold

Software development is a creative process, but one that has many repetitive tasks. In 2022, ML will begin to play a major role in augmenting software developers’ workstreams, helping them create more secure and reliable code.

Since the advent of the cloud, we’ve seen companies across the world bring new ideas to their customers at scale faster than ever. However, even with this acceleration in product delivery, people still spend a disproportional amount of time in one area of technology: software development.


Future of AI

Future Prediction two: The everywhere cloud has an edge

The cloud will extend into every locale via purpose-built devices and specialized solutions. In 2022, we’ll see these solutions bring all the muscle of the cloud to transform warehouses, restaurants, retail stores, farms, and more­.

In ecommerce, it is a challenging part of the journey as there are many variables depending on the location.

future of cloud


Prediction three: The rise of smart spaces, especially in senior care

In 2022, our homes and buildings will become better assistants and more attentive companions to truly help with our most human needs. The greatest impact in the next few years will be with the elderly.

One of the things that inspires me the most about technology is its role in solving truly hard human problems. After years of meeting with customers across the globe that are using the cloud to do just that, we had an idea to begin documenting their stories through a show called Now Go Build.

future of smart city

 Prediction four: Sustainability gets its own architecture

In 2022, developers will begin to make sustainability-conscious decisions about the systems and applications they are building. They will seek new approaches to cloud architectures.

As developers, we are trained to think about how to optimize our architectures. In 2022, you can add sustainability to that list. What we will begin to see in the coming years is developers taking an active role in building sustainability-conscious architectures.

futre in sustainable architecture


Prediction five: A new wave of connectivity will bring about a new class of applications

Low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites are set to bring affordable broadband to every corner of the planet. This will change the lives of billions of people as teachers, students, small businesses, and virtually anyone gets online.

future prediction

Over the next five years, more than 20,000 satellites are going to fan out in LEO above our planet. Among them will be about 1,500 from Amazon’s Project Kuiper, a network of satellites. The goal of delivering fast, affordable broadband to unserved and underserved communities around the world.


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