The Most Important Languages

Language is the tool which signifies and separates us from rest. For instance, there are about 6500 languages spoken in the world today. These languages offer us an identity and overall make this world more beautiful. As per the result of the latest census, the today world stands at a population of 7.7 Billion. We all might have come with a question of which is the Most Important Languages of the World, at some point in our life. In short, today we are with an article to our leaders of languages.

Learning a new language pushes your brain to get familiar with new grammar and vocabulary rules. It allows you to train your memory to remember new words, make connections between them, and use them in contextual situations.

1. Mandarin Chinese (中国人) 

With over one billion Mandarin Chinese speakers in the world, of course it tops the list of most important languages to learn in 2021.

Most speakers are located within China, however, so is it still one of the most important languages to learn? The answer is yes — with China emerging as a global power, it becomes increasingly more important for businesses to have team members that know Chinese.

2. Spanish (español)

Spanish has a large number of native speakers, and a large number of overall speakers as well. Most Spanish speaking countries are located in South and Central America, which are extremely popular travel destinations in recent years. For this reason, you will find many across the world who speak Spanish. In addition, due to the large number of Spanish speakers in the US, if you live, work, or travel in the United States, Spanish is the one to learn!

3. German (deutsch)

Germany is the most widely spoken language throughout Europe, as Germany remains Europe’s most dominant economy. For this reason, if you do business or plan to do business in Europe, German is one of the most important languages to learn. It’s a funny language to learn, with endings tacked on to words to give them specific meanings. But it is also a surprisingly easy language to learn.

4. French (français)

French, also called the language of love, was actually the international, diplomatic language for centuries. Only recently, historically speaking, with the rise of the United States as a global power, did English prevail as the language of diplomacy. France is still quite the economic powerhouse, and a popular travel destination, so French is definitely a language to learn!

5. Arabic (عربى)

Arabic started as a nomadic language, spoken between moving tribes. Today it is the official language of the Arab League, consisting of 22 countries such as Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, and the United Arab Emirates. These popular travel destinations make it worthwhile to learn Arabic. Not just that, it is the language of the entire Muslim civilization and all of its texts. With over 1.8 billion Muslims around the world, no wonder Arabic made the list.

6. Japanese (日本)

While the Japanese language is not spoken widely outside of Japan, it’s still an important one to know. Whether you want to travel in Japan, love the culture and food, or the technology, knowing Japanese can get you far in many ways. It’s also an excellent introduction to other Asian languages. There are some Chinese characters in Japanese, and with similar grammar to Korean, learning Japanese puts you on the path to learn all three.

7. Hindi (हिन्दी)

With some of the highest numbers of speakers in the world, Hindi is one of the most important languages to learn without a doubt. But like with other languages, it’s not just the sheer number of speakers that should entice you to learn the language, but the global power of where the language comes from. India is a huge part of today’s world economy, and as Hindi is the most spoken language in India, it’s the one to learn.

8. English

English is one definitely one of the most important languages to learn in 2021 and beyond. It is used in global business, worldwide travel, diplomatic affairs, and in computer technology. Not only that, but many of the top global economies are English-speaking ones — the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK. English has the highest number of second language speakers as well, with almost a billion non-native English speakers in the world.

9. Korean (한국어)

The Korean language is an interesting one to learn, as its characters are phonological: the shapes are similar to the shape of your mouth as you make the sound. It is a unique writing system that makes the language an easy one to learn.

10. Italian (italiana)

Italian may not have the most speakers on this list, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t an important language to learn. Italy is steeped in arts, culture, and history. Many world heritage sites are located in Italy, and many historical texts are written in Italian. This country is a popular travel destination, and knowing Italian will help you on a trip. Plus, knowing any of these similar romance languages — Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese, will make it much easier to learn the others in the group.



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