The Most Important Tech Parks in the World 

The Most Important Tech Parks in the World

If you often travel to distant cities to attend conferences and seminars or to strike a business deal in tech parks, you probably have visited a number of business & IT parks around the world. The fact that we deal with Information Technology and the Internet provides us with opportunities to visit these ‘silicon valleys’ of the world & explore different cultures at the same time.

When we visit IT and tech parks around the world. We always come back with ideas to recreate what we have learned in our own countries. Certainly, IT and tech parks help us to learn a lot about local cultures in spite of them being the pinnacles of globalization. In this article, let us take a look at 10 IT & business parks around the world, which are all located in exotic locations and listed in no particular order. The next time you visit any of these, do not forget to come back and let us know what your experiences were.

• Hoa Lac Hi-tech Park, Hanoi, Vietnam

Vietnam probably does not come to your mind when you think about Information Technology. Here is the deal. Vietnam has slowly been working towards becoming an outsourcing giant and it already has. With access to great technical education and a large population of youngsters. Vietnam has achieved what many others have only tried to achieve. Contribute to the world of IT, in spite of difficulties at home.

The Hoa Lac Hi-tech Park is the largest and the first hi-tech park in Vietnam. Close to Hanoi’s Noi Bai International Airport, Hoa Lac Hi-tech Park has 6 functional zones – Research and Development, Software Park, Hi-tech Industrial Zone, Education and Training Zone, Central Area (for conferences, restaurants etc.) and a service zone where one can find supermarkets, hospitals, hotels etc.

• Information Tech Park, Bangalore, India

When we speak about Information Technology, Bangalore cannot be ignored. It probably introduced the verb ‘to be Bangalored’ in English language. Located 18 kilometers from the city centre, the International Tech Park is located at Whitefield. A quaint colonial suburb of Bangalore, which has now been replaced by glass-facade buildings.

Along with Electronics City in the other end of the city. The IT Park in Bangalore caters to most of the software companies that have set up shops in Bangalore.

• Konza Technology City, Makueni, Kenya

This BPO and business centre project undertaken by the Kenyan Government seeks to address the needs of IT companies that have slowly begun to move to Kenya.  This is probably the place where you can not only work on your coding but also learn more about the African Savannah.

• Har Hotzvim, Jerusalem, Israel

Israel is one of the most important centers of Information Technology and entrepreneurial activity in the world. Israel’s IT boom has helped the country to excel even the companies in California’s Silicon Valley. Har Hotzvim is located in northwest Jerusalem and houses companies such as Sandvine, Radware and Teva. Apart from large companies, it also houses more than 100 SMEs and provides employment for thousands of people.

Jerusalem is one of the most ancient cities in the world. If you ever get to visit this hi-tech park as part of your business. Do not forget to learn more about this wonderful city. What you learn can leave you humbled.

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