The ‘RAINBOW ISLAND’ most travelers don’t know

Hormuz Island: Rainbow island of Iran

Located 8 km off the coast of Iran in the murky waters of the Persian Gulf, Hormuz is a teardrop-shape salt dome also known as rainbow island.The dome are surrounded shale, clay, and iron-rich volcanic rocks that glow with dazzling shades of red, yellow, and orange due to the more than 70 minerals found here.

Nearly every inch of Hormuz Island’s shallow seas formed thick layers of salt around the margins of the Persian Gulf.

These layers gradually collided causing the formation of the colorful landmass.

rainbow island

Salt layers were buried deep by volcanic sediment over the last 500 million years. Since the salt is buoyant,it has risen through cracks in the overlying rocks to reach the surface and form salt domes.

The cause of the characteristic color is actually due to the presence of a high concentration of iron oxides. In fact, the darker sand causes the sea waves to take on a more intense and reddish color.

Once you bathe in these waters, the color remains on your skin for days to come. The red oxide is called “gelack”, a substance used for making cosmetics, fabrics and ceramics and most especially – food coloring. It is used to bake a local bread called “tomshi”.




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