The Secret Of Why Do We Like Eating Chocolates

What melts in your mouth, is ooey, gooey, devilishly divine, with sweet and creamy goodness? That’s right, I’m talking about chocolate! From Willy Wonka’s chocolate river to the real life cottage of Jean-Luc Decluzeau’s where everything is made entirely of chocolate, humans have had a fascination with this alluring and ever so sweet substance for millennia.

It is estimated that currently 1 billion people eat chocolate every day. In 2020 alone, some chocolate brands saw triple digit growth online during the pandemic. In America, the average person eats about 12 pounds of chocolate per year, compared to 15 pounds for the average European.

It’s also interesting to know that 43% of online shoppers stick to their favorite brands again and again & 49% of online chocolate purchasers want to know more about how their chocolate was sourced according to one Wool & Water Report. One must begin to wonder, then, why do so many people seem to love chocolate that much–aside from the super great taste, that is!

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Tell me more about chocolate!

To help answer that question, first we must know what chocolate actually is. When most of us think of chocolate, we picture a sweet tasting candy bar, but did you know, it is actually made from a plant! Made from the seeds of cacao trees in the tropical rainforests of places like Central America and Mexico, mankind’s love affair with chocolate began over 5000 years ago. Archeologists discovered the usage of cacao in civilizations like the Aztecs and Mayans, where it was primarily used as a ritual drink. During these times, chocolate was considered the food of gods and later only consumed by the elite.

Unlike centuries ago, today the seeds of the cacao tree are fermented and roasted to give it its characteristic flavor and enjoyed by people of all walks of life.

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So, what exactly makes chocolate so special?

Well, for starters, because it is derived from a naturally occurring plant, chocolate is known to have some rather medicinal properties. According to science, eating chocolate not only tastes good but it can actually make you happy.

Chocolate contains chemicals like tryptophan which the brain uses to produce serotonin, the neurotransmitter and hormone responsible for feelings of happiness and joy. When people are depressed, low serotonin levels are usually at play. That’s because serotonin is the main hormone responsible for feelings of well-being and happiness. So, it really is as the saying goes, “As long as there is chocolate, there will be happiness.” The next time the world feels blue, do not hesitate to order your favorite candy bars in bulk.

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Chocolate’s abundant physical & mental health benefits:

Another thing that eating chocolate does for the brain and body is to help relieve stress. Have you ever had a long, hard day or been in an extremely stressful situation and found yourself craving chocolate because of it? Well, that’s because eating chocolate not only releases serotonin but it also releases dopamine as well, which is another feel good hormone naturally produced in the brain. Most chocolate also contains caffeine, which can help you feel more productive!

However, with dopamine, it’s more about the experience of eating chocolate and not so much what’s in the chocolate itself. Dopamine is released every time you do something that brings you pleasure or joy, such as a good workout or that melt in your mouth, creamy, great tasting experience that eating chocolate brings.

Not only are bulk chocolate purchases a great way to improve your customers mood and release stress, but research shows that it can actually help them live longer too! According to many researchers and a variety of widely published studies, eating dark chocolate has been shown to increase the average lifespan. Who knew that eating chocolate could be healthy for you, but it’s true! However, the key here is dark chocolate and eating it in moderation.

Research shows that high cacao (dark chocolate) contains flavonoids which act as antioxidants, wiping out free radicals that build up during cell metabolism. It can also reduce resistance to insulin and increase elasticity of blood vessels which helps reduce blood pressure.

According to a study in 2011, adults who consumed chocolate at least twice a week were 37% at lower risk of cardiovascular disease, 31% risk reduction of diabetes, and 29% reduced risk of stroke. Researchers still caution that eating more calories than your body can consume is never a good thing, so eating the right amount of chocolate in order to obtain these health benefits is crucial. While most doctors agree that adding a bit of dark chocolate to your diet can be healthy and beneficial, some suggest avoiding the age-old combination of milk and chocolate as milk has been shown to counteract the health effects of chocolate by stopping the flavonoids from being completely absorbed. That shouldn’t stop you from enjoying a glass of ice-cold chocolate milk every once in a while.

There’s another popular saying that says chocolate is better at saying sorry than words. For anyone who has ever slept in the doghouse, you may know exactly what I am talking about! A recent study conducted in 2007 showed that letting chocolate dissolve in the mouth produced more brain activity than a passionate kiss between couples. Not only that, but it more than doubled the heart rate of the participants and the effects lasted 4 times as long.

Though women are primarily thought of as the biggest lovers of chocolate, the effects were the same in both men and women. So, the next time you find yourself in a little bit of hot water with your partner, science shows that a box of refined cacao beans might just be the thing you need to help say you are sorry.

As you can see, people love chocolate for many reasons–it helps them feel good and it brings a sense of nostalgia as they unwrap their favorite chocolate candy and pop it in their mouths for one of the greatest sensations, guaranteed. And chocolate tastes great, in almost any combination. It’s great with caramel, pretzels, mints, peanut butter – the possibilites are endless!

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