Top 10 winter superfoods in Indian cuisine

All set for the winter season with your warm clothes and blankets out? As winters are here in full flow, it is time to indulge in deliciously warm delicacies.

1. Gajar ka Halwa

Carrot halwa is a popular sweet made in North India, and it is especially popular during winters.Carrot halwa is a Indian pudding made with fresh carrots, milk, sugar, ghee & nuts. It is made by simmering grated carrots in full fat milk .


2. Makki ki roti and sarson ka saag

Sarson ka saag and makki ki roti is a classic Punjabi dish and cooked all over north India during winter season.The sarson da saag is usually topped with Homemade Butter and served with makki ki roti (flat breads from maize flour)

food: makke ki roti n sarso ka saag

3. Gond k Ladoo

Nutritious and tasty gond ke ladoo are made with gond aka edible gum, whole wheat flour, ghee and dry fruits. It is a popular sweet made during North Indian winters.

gond k ladoo

4. Baajre ka raab

Bajra Raab is a special winter drink made in Rajasthan and Gujarat. Bajra or pearl millet flour is widely used during winter months as it very nourishing and healing. Raab is a very thin drink made with different millet flours and if you boil it for long, it can be made thick like pearl millet porridge.

aryana's food: Bajare ka raab

5. Daulat ki chat

Power-packed with flavours, Daulat ki Chaat is like a small landscape of foam, light as a snowflake blended with sweetened mawa and topped with a saffron mixture and dry fruits. The perfect blend of crunchiness and sweetness that this dessert dish offers is nothing less than a fresh breeze of flavours to the taste buds.

daulat ki chaat: street food

6. Parantha and dahi

Curd is a staple in most Indian households. We eat it with hot parathas, sweet lassi, or cooling chaas. It is also consumed as raita, curd rice, and Dahi Wada. It is prepared by fermentation of milk by a bacterial culture called Lactobacillus delbrueckii.

Food: Paratha and dahi

7. Nimona

UP relishes its matar ka nimona made with fresh green peas, potatoes and spices served with roti or parantha.

Food: Matar ka nimona

8. Teliya mah and Khatti meat

In Himachal Pradesh, the air gets thick with the smell of teliya mah and khatti meat. . Teliya Mah is a delicious daal recipe from Himachal Pradesh, in India. This recipe is quite old. Teliya mah  is eaten with rice and khatti meat which is simply mutton prepared with dried mango powder.

taliya mah

9. Harissa

One of the favorite breakfasts of winter Kashmir is the sizzling hot harissa! People welcome the winters with this traditionally prepared delicacy. It is generally eaten at breakfast to ensure body warmth during the cold day.


10. Gushtaba

Goshtaba is a very popular Kashmiri dish normally eaten towards the end of the meal. Since it is a yogurt based dish, eating it at the end helps in the digestion. The most important part of this dish is freshly slaughtered meat.

meat food: gustaba

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