‘Transportable’ Stadium 974

A World Cup game will be played in a “transportable stadium” for the first time. You did really hear correctly.

Stadium built with shipping containers reaches completion in Qatar

The Arab World Cup served as a warm-up for the upcoming global championship. Stadium 974 in the Qatari capital, Doha, was finished in late November. Its name is a combination of the country code for Qatar and the volume of old shipping containers that were recycled in the building process. After the World Cup is over, the 40,000-person stadium may be disassembled, relocated, and then reconstructed for additional usage attributable to its modular design. The goal of Qatar is to provide it to underdeveloped nations that could be in need.

Fantastically, the stadium would be at a different site across the ocean and another match would take place during the following World Cup.

Cash-rich Qatar has spent smartly for the World Cup - The Week

The stadium’s steel structure houses modified shipping containers that house the restrooms, snack stands, skyboxes, and media rooms. The stadium’s natural ventilation reduces the need for air conditioning, while water-efficient construction techniques resulted in a 40% water usage decrease when compared to traditional stadium creation.

The stadium, which can hold 40,000 people, is the first entirely demountable football arena. Fans at Stadium 974 will feel the cool wind as it sweeps in from the Arabian Gulf because it is located in the portside area and in view of Doha’s coastal cityscape.
Due to its proximity to Hamad International Airport, Stadium 974 will be the first stadium football fans see when they arrive in Qatar for the event. It is also the only stadium that is situated close to the sea.

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