What is Trainee Identification Number-TID? Simplifying Certificate Management and Verification

Trainee Identification Number-TID

In today’s fast-paced world, certificates represent our accomplishments, but handling them can be difficult due to the risk of physical copies being damaged or lost. Introducing the Trainee Identification Number-TID: securely store all your certifications online, easily accessible with a click, guaranteeing their safety and immediate availability.

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Definition & Meaning of TID

The Trainee Identification Number-TID is a unique eight-digit alphanumeric identifier assigned to each student by institutions registered under the TID network. TID serves as a centralized repository for storing all certificate credentials and proficiency levels of students throughout their academic journey. It is provided by the institution, which has registered under the TID network to acquire a TID for easy access and verification of certification records. A TID remains constant throughout the student’s lifetime. This unified approach simplifies credential management by consolidating certifications, completed courses, and training milestones into a single, accessible record.

The Consortium of Independent Institutions with e-Governance introduced TID, and the Indian Council for Technical Research and Development (ICTRD) developed it. Read more about TID tid.egov.ind.in.

TID-Trainee Identification Number for Institutions

TID management ensures that only institutions meeting quality standards through rigorous record checks can provide TID to their students. This exclusive designation enhances institutional trust and credibility, positioning them as recognized entities with a proven track record. Managed by TID management, this streamlined process underscores the integrity of educational providers within the TID network, bolstering trust among students and stakeholders alike.

The TID securely provides students’ certificate credentials, ensuring that the data cannot be tampered with by unauthorized parties and can only be modified by the institutions themselves. Hence, there is no risk of duplication or data tampering.

TID-Trainee Identification Number for Students

TID revolutionizes the way students manage and verify their certificate credentials. A student cannot create their own TID. Upon registration with institutions registered in the TID network, each student receives a unique TID that remains constant for life, consolidating all their achievements and qualifications into a single identifier. This simplifies the process of managing multiple certifications under one centralized system. Email address plays a crucial role in TID generation, preventing duplicate identifiers.

Who can Verify TID?

TID ensures that all training and certification details are easily accessible for verification by HR departments, schools, employers, and universities at no cost, using the designated website, ensuring a secure and efficient verification process. Only the individual must know the TID number of the student to have access to their certificate credentials. To verify TID, please visit: tid.egov.ind.in

Mutual Benefits of TID-Trainee Identification Number

The TID cultivates trust between institutions and students, enhancing credibility in the educational ecosystem. It promotes standardized credential management, aligning with industry norms and expectations. This credibility fosters enduring relationships and opens doors for growth and advancement opportunities.

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