Why You Should Unplug One Day A Week

Going through a digital detox can open up space in your life for more self-care and other things that are important to you. Going to a place with little to no phone reception to see how you feel, setting Do Not Disturb apps on your devices, and scheduling no-screen times during the day. If you’re willing to transform your relationship with your phone and laptop, unplugging might be the way forward.

Consider again, just some of these important reasons to unplug:

Getting Off Your Phone Helps Your Overall Quality Of Life

OK, that sounds like a lot, but hear the science out: In a 2011 study from the University of Maryland, researchers discovered that when students unplugged from technology, they reported an improved quality of life. In the context of this study, that meant that study participants spent more time with friends and family, got more frequent exercise, and even cooked more often and ate healthier foods. How did all of these lovely changes occur? Less time spent on their phones gave them the “free” time to spend elsewhere.

Unplugging After Work Helps You Recharge

Unplugging after work can make a big difference in your quality of life, health, and happiness. Researchers found that when people “unplugged” from work related tasks, such as checking their work email after hours, they reported feeling fresher and better recharged when beginning work the following day. For anyone who has ever experienced burn-out at work, this isn’t too surprising. You can only do so much for so long before feeling exhausted, and constantly plugging into your screens doesn’t help matters.

A Digital Detox Is Shown To Help You Sleep

44% of people sleep with their phones by their sides so they don’t miss a message or notification. But being woken up by funny tweets and random GIFs from your friends is likely doing nothing for your sleep patterns, much less your mood upon waking up in the morning. And if you’re waking up in the middle of the night to check work emails, that doesn’t suggest anything good, either, because you aren’t giving your brain and body proper time to recharge.

It Could Make It Easier To Move Past Old Relationships

Unplugging from tech might even help you get over your ex. Of course, while pretty much nothing except for time and a few good cries truly heals the wounds of a breakup, constantly seeing reminders of your ex on social media doesn’t make things any easier. In fact, if you follow your ex on social media, you may have a harder time focusing on your future. The study participants reported feeling more sexual desire for their ex and less negative feelings for their ex when frequently checking their social media, as well as feeling less desire for their own personal growth.

Unplugging Can Make Your Interpersonal Communication Better

“Unplugging can help you feel more connected to your family members and friends,” McBain says. Sharing too much on social media may negatively impact your interpersonal relationships. If you’ve ever accidentally “shared” a post that is offensive to a loved one, or vented about a boss and then been held accountable at work the next day, you likely know all too well that sharing online can have consequences.

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