Alstom submits a bid to construct 100 Vande Bharat trainsets out of aluminium

The Sonepat-produced trainsets will be lighter and more energy-efficient than conventional steel-built trains. While other significant participants in the sector passed on this procurement, French multinational rolling stock manufacturer Alstom and Hyderabad-based Medha Servo Drives submitted a bid to build 100 aluminium Vande Bharat trainsets in collaboration with Swiss giant Stadler. To be manufactured in…

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video games

Games to look forward to in 2023

2022 was a much calmer year for video games than anyone anticipated, despite a few blockbuster blockbusters and brilliant indies. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, creators had to contend with lockdowns, difficult working conditions, and other difficulties. As a result, some of the year’s most anticipated video games ended up being postponed and moved until…

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smart gadgets from around the world

Bizzare Tech Gadgets

Technological progress is accelerating; some are bizarre and wonderful, while others are quite beneficial and have the potential to transform our lives. We’ve been looking for many unusual gadgets and gizmos all over the world. There is still so much more that can be done. Here are some of the world’s strangest gadgets. Ninu Smart…

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World’s First Supermodel Robot Cafe

Imagine a supermodel robot serving you coffee and ice cream. Well, the world already seems to be turning interesting owing to the technological advancement in robotics. And it might be hard to believe but Dubai’s Donna Cyber-Cafe will soon have a robot that looks like a supermodel to serve customers. Nevertheless, all your dreams will…

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