Introducing India’s Own Sizing System – Bha (भ)

Introducing India's Own Sizing System - Bha (भ)

In a significant stride towards self-reliance and innovation, India is set to revolutionize its footwear industry with the introduction of a homegrown sizing system named ‘Bha’ (भ). This initiative stems from the recognition of the diverse foot morphology of the Indian population, distinct from Western standards, which often leads to ill-fitting footwear and compromised foot health. Through a comprehensive survey conducted pan-India, encompassing over 1,01,880 individuals across diverse geographical zones, researchers have unveiled crucial insights into the dimensions and structure of an average Indian foot.

The Need for an Indigenous Sizing System in India

Contrary to conventional assumptions, the survey findings reveal that Indians generally have wider feet compared to Europeans or Americans. Consequently, the prevalent reliance on UK/European and US sizing systems often results in discomfort and health issues due to the unavailability of appropriately fitting footwear. This gap in the market underscores the urgent need for an indigenous sizing system tailored to the unique needs of Indian consumers.

Bha (भ): Revolutionizing Footwear Manufacturing and Fitting

The proposed Bha (भ) sizing system offers a holistic solution to address these challenges. With eight footwear sizes spanning from infants to adults, the system aims to streamline manufacturing processes, reduce wastage, and cater to the majority of the population’s needs. By eliminating the need for half-sizes and focusing on sizes III to VIII initially, manufacturers can optimize production efficiency while ensuring better-fitting shoes for consumers.

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Modernizing Footwear Sizing: From Colonial Legacy to Tailored Solutions

Historically, India has relied on UK sizing introduced during the colonial era, lacking comprehensive data on Indian foot structure and dimensions. However, with the recent survey insights and advancements in technology such as 3D foot scanning machines, researchers have been able to develop a sizing system tailored to Indian demographics.

Path to Approval for Bha Sizing System

The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research–Central Leather Research Institute (CSIR–CLRI) spearheaded the survey and presented its recommendations to the Department of Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT), under the Union Ministry of Commerce. Subsequently, the DPIIT forwarded these recommendations to the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) for approval.

Revolutionizing Indian Footwear by 2025

Anticipated to be implemented by 2025, the adoption of Bha holds immense potential to transform the footwear landscape in India. By offering consumers better-fitting shoes, enhancing comfort, and promoting foot health nationwide, Bha embodies a paradigm shift towards indigenous innovation and self-sufficiency.

To facilitate a smooth transition, users will be provided with Bha-sized footwear for trial, testing, and feedback before full-scale adoption. This collaborative approach ensures that the needs and preferences of Indian consumers are central to the implementation process.

In conclusion, the introduction of Bha marks a significant milestone in India’s journey towards self-reliance and innovation in the footwear industry. With a focus on consumer well-being and manufacturing efficiency, Bha heralds a new era of comfort, quality, and accessibility in footwear for all Indians.

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