World’s First Supermodel Robot Cafe

Imagine a supermodel robot serving you coffee and ice cream. Well, the world already seems to be turning interesting owing to the technological advancement in robotics. And it might be hard to believe but Dubai’s Donna Cyber-Cafe will soon have a robot that looks like a supermodel to serve customers. Nevertheless, all your dreams will soon become a reality.

Supermodel Robot Capable Of Human Emotions To Serve Coffee To Customers In Dubai

The cyber cafe will open in Dubai in 2023 the venue for Donna cyber cafe has not been released yet, and it will be open 24/7 and have self-serve ice cream machines and coffee served by a robot arm.
As per the reports, there will be multiple Donna Cafe openings in Dubai in 2023 with android cashiers.
The components come from Russia and her creators have asserted that she has been ‘easygoing, feminine’ personality that can be a ‘little ironic’ while also being a responsible employee of the cyber cafe.
Café will open in Dubai next year with a human-like robot cashier
In addition, the supermodel robot known as the Robo-C2 and made by RDI Robotics. It is capable of greeting and even remembering customers, storing and reading company information, and conducting conversations. The reports also suggest that it also has the ability to detect the emotions of the customers.
The creators also pointed out that the robot has an ‘easygoing and feminine personality. It gives it a little edge, and the robot is also programmed to be a bit witty.
Apart from the human-like functions, the robot also looks like humans with its silicone skin and realistic eyes.

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