Things To Experience In Monsoon

The lovely weather created during the monsoon season is bound to pull you out of your homes to dance away in the heavenly rains. It has something for even those who don’t wish to leave their homes- the unlimited urge to sleep! The beautiful sound of rain and moderate climate set up the perfect mood for a lazy day. But well, all these are the conventional ways to enjoy the monsoon; here is a list of the most unconventional things to do in the monsoon and have fun!

1. Make Paper Boats

Remember the glorious childhood days when we used to compete with our paper boats in the water flowing on the streets? Well, who says that you can’t do the same as an adult? There’s a child in all of us, after all. So go ahead and make your own paper boat and race onto the streets of Mumbai and let your boats race along with those of you friends.

2. Go for a Hike!

The feeling of hiking through a forest while it is raining is great, and lets you become one with the natural surroundings. To add to this, the forest gets a different shade of green thanks to the rain and makes the experience a wonderful one.

3. Plan a Rooftop Rain Dance Party!

What better reason do you need for hosting a rain dance party than rain itself? The monsoon is the perfect time to set up a rain dance party on your own rooftop and enjoy the time with your near and dear ones! This is the easiest way to have a rain dance party, without breaking the bank.

4. Go for a long drive

This is something that not many people would prefer to do during the monsoon, especially during heavy rains. But taking your car out for a long drive with no destination in mind is a great experience in itself. Seeing the entire city shrouded by monsoon clouds and water hitting your windshield adds a great feeling to the drive.

5. Self-driving tours

Driving on roads during the monsoon season is a refreshing experience. Self-driving tours are becoming increasingly popular during the monsoon season. So, if you are someone who enjoys travelling without a set schedule then monsoons is for you!

6. Enjoy monsoon food

Monsoon is that season, when your heart and brain, by default start feeling good. When it’s raining heavily outside, your heart definitely wants just one thing that is delicious, mouth-watering food. Enjoy eating Pakoras, Bhunna Butta, Cutting Chai, Soup, Pada-Pav and many more tempting food.

7. Play mud football

Plan a football match with your friends in those water showers and muddy ground. What an experience!

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