Top Places To Plan A Solo Trip

Travel is a therapy; a treatment to cure life’s numerous challenges and downsides. Don’t we all want the freedom to just be out there in the world and see it as it is. Solo trip can be scary but it also is the most liberating, life changing experience of your life. India is a land that welcomes people to explore every bit of marvel it houses. You just have to go and know it. And trust us when we say – If you never go, you’ll never know!

1. Goa

Let me tell you something – Goa is easy on solo travelers. If you are wondering is Goa safe for female travellers, then the answer is yes. Safety in goa is not something to be worried about as it is one of the safe places to travel as a single female in India. Thanks to the destination, speaking of fellow travelers is a famous party hub, countless music festivals, international concerts, and the haven of artists of all kinds – Goa attracts thousands of youngsters and the young at heart throughout the year.

2. Alleppey

If you are looking for water adventures in your solo trip, then this might hit you right. Alleppey is THE hub for the Kerala backwaters. You can do things like go for a canoe ridekayaking, or cycling along the water. Or you can take a ferry boat ride from Alleppey to other tourist destinations in Kerala like to Varkala beach, to the Munnar tea plantations, or to the national park in Thekkady.


3. Mumbai

From mouth-watering street food and wide beaches to the globally famous Bollywood, Mumbai features several attractions that narrate the rich culture of the city. Popularly known as the ‘City that Never Sleeps’, it ensures a great time to visitors, whether traveling with friends or alone. Further, who needs a partner when the magnificent city has got everything it takes to be a perfect travel ally?!



4. Manali

Himachal Pradesh is very much safe for solo travelers. However need to be little cautious as you may be in any place around the world. Not sure for how many days you have for this visit but 2-3 days in Manali are enough to explore the city. If you have some more days then do explore and enjoy the natural beauty of Mcleodganj Dharamshala and on the way from Manali to Dharamshala you can definitely have Kasol Manikaran in your bucket list for a day.In Manali you can enjoy some adventure activities in Solang Valley, enjoy snow at the Rohtang pass/snowline. River rafting option is available in Kullu, stay in Camps in Kasol and Mcleodganj, can also go for trekking to Triund from Mcleodganj.

4. Tawang

Arunachal Pradesh is one place in India that’s less explored by tourists. The place which can only be visited by obtaining a permit has some of the best lakes in India. Be it the beautiful Madhuri Lake or the historic Bum La Pass, Arunachal Pradesh spellbinds you with its raw beauty. And to explore more of this place, plan on a solo trip to Arunachal Pradesh.



5. Darjeeling

Darjeeling is perfectly safe to travel alone as a solo traveller. Just take normal precautions like don’t get too friendly with strangers, don’t travel much after dark (there is not much to do after dark anyway). Walking around on your own generally is perfectly safe. I can suggest you pick a good homestay like Snow Lion Homestay. The people are nice, its a very decent place, and they can advise you regarding travel as well. But I doubt if you will get booking this time of year, check immdtly.


6. Khajuraho

Khajuraho – a city named after Khajoor (date palm) is in central India, so not really very far from Delhi, but not very close too. It is not a metro or even an A class city to give one that comfort of good connectivity and logistics. Mention Khajuraho and only one thing crosses everyone’s minds. The erotic nature of the temples. There’s even a big inhibition about taking children to this place, when only a small fraction of all sculptures is erotica.

7. Udaipur

Udaipur is a great little city and pretty safe in general. However, there is no easy way to travel to Jodhpur from Udaipur unless you hire a private cab or take a train to Jaipur and then to Jodhpur. Also, if you are going to go to Jodhpur and if you have time, I’d highly suggest going to Jaisalmer as well. Like other Rajasthani cities, Jaisalmer has a Fort but its most unique feature is its desert. Desert camping is really fun and worth a visit.



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